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Scalable, Reliable, Geo-Located Hosting

Bare Metal Servers
A secure and private solution, purpose built for only your applications. Never compromise on data compliance and security. You are in full control. No Exceptions.
Cloud Hosting
Enterprise-grade cloud with hyperscalable and customizable solutions without the IT overhead. Addresses the needs of the most complex applications and demanding businesses.
Custom Solutions
One size does not always fit all. We help solve the toughest infrastructure challenges by working together to design the solution that works best for your business.
Network & Facilities
Handpick your locations from our unparalleled, geographically diverse network infrastructure. We guarantee premium IP networks, high-bandwidth, and low latency.
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Global Platform

With 55 datacenter locations across 5 continents, we have solutions where you need them.
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Test our server speed

We won't just tell you how fast we are. We'd love to show you.
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What you get with us:

Free 24/7 Support
Unlike other providers, we don’t believe in extra service fees. Our service comes with unconditional support and active monitoring.
Performance Edge Network

The geohybrid infrastructure by design is closer to the edge, improving performance and latency.  Closer is simply better.  

Customizable Solutions
To be competitive, be different. Micfo offers the difference other providers cannot – with customizable solutions to fit your needs.
Global Locations
We continously invest in new locations throughout the world to ensure we have solutions where you need them.
Reliable Performance
With a multihomed network across all of our locations, we ensure you have the fastest and most reliable network for your applications.
99.95% Uptime
You don’t need to worry about your servers going down. We have state-of-the-art redundancy to ensure that doesn’t happen.
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Meeting some of the most complex technical needs

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Dealing with Micfo we were talking to a human being who really took the time to understand
what it was we were trying to achieve, helped us to clarify what it was
that needed to happen, and also provided a timeline and delivered
a product that was exactly what we needed.
Kenny Carver, Managing Partner at PEI
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We Stay True to Our Values


We are simply people serving people and though we deal with technology issues, we remember that our clients and colleagues, like ourselves, are people first.
We support, challenge, and push one another to be better every day.
Camaraderie and ambition to make an impact, drive us forward.

Genuine Impact

This is why we do what we do every day. We want to have a lasting impact on our clients and our community.

Innovative Thinking

Combining great thinking with passionate doing can make big things happen.

Independent Choice

We value the commitment and courage to make choices that honor what is right for our team and clients.

Inclusive Behavior

Transparency creates the greatest opportunity for collaboration, co-creation and education.

Identity Discovery

Our individual search of who we are can be manifested through what we do and how we do it.

Individual Journeys

We are all on a journey that leaves footprints for others to follow and should explore those journeys freely. 

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