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Micfo receives 5 stars from HostingAdvice.com. Read the in depth interview with Amir Golestan here

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  • “Highly Recommended!”

    We have worked with Micfo for nearly 5 years. During that time, we moved from shared hosting account, to a VPS and now we have a managed dedicated server. Although we are still a growing business, we have more than 100 surgeons that rely on this website for their own business. All of the clients have been pleased with the page-load time of their websites. We understand that the internet is not 100% -- when we have had questions or problems, we have always been able to reach support immediately their via online chat option, and/or by phone.

  • “What a Breath of Fresh Air…”

    When looking for a good hosting partner, one shouldn't only look at uptime, supported technologies and features or costs. You must look at customer service, and Micfo delivers over and over and...you get the point. We decided to choose Micfo after researching literally hundreds of managed hosting companies throughout the US. Our requirements were nothing short of a 24x7x256 world-class support, and Micfo continues to impress us every time we need their expertise. What a breath of fresh air to find a company that understands and appreciates “total customer satisfaction”!

  • “7 Years. The Love Continues”

    Whoever said falling in love with a tech company was irrational due to all the market variety was seriously mistaken. It has been 7 years with Micfo.com and each year was full of nice surprises, greater offering and more respect for each other. Just like in real life, Micfo happens to be my first serious love. You guys, have achieved so many things: respect from employees and customers, innovative and awesome solutions, reliability and trustworthiness. One may say you are just an ordinary company providing hosting solutions, which might just be true if it wasn't for one little fact – “technically”, you do so better than anybody else on the market.

  • “If you are considering Micfo, read this first”

    I host over two dozen websites with Micfo. Recently my main site was hacked and I lost 30 GB of data. It was my fault for having outdated software. So I called Micfo's 24/7 support at 9pm. In no time the Micfo's representative restored all my files from their backup servers, updated my software, applied a security patch, changed my passwords and I was back in business! I am so happy having Micfo as my hosting provider, and I'm going to transfer all my domains (40) to them. They have an outstanding service and amazing customer support. I recommend Micfo for anyone who needs a reliable and dependable hosting partner.

  • “Great Service by Great People”

    As a web developer relying on hosting providers for over 8 years, my experience with hosting companies have varied -- from very bad to very good. I must say that honestly Micfo has been the best value of any hosting company I have encountered before. The customer service is excellent - I receive a response from any email generally within hours. I have not yet noticed any down time or any technical issues. From what I've seen so far, it is an excellent service and highly recommended. I am now using Micfo to host all of my current and future websites.

  • “Exquisite Company. Fabulous Service. Perfect Host”

    Just wanted to say how much I really like the fact that I host with micfo.com and completely recommend it to anyone else. The tech guys are really friendly and accessible whenever I haven't been able to work something out. But what I love the best about micfo is they are really good to their existing customers. I've been with them for over two years now and they often offer existing customers free upgrades which is just really nice. I also like the fact that they are not stingy with other features and will often add stuff for free. Thank you for being the perfect host!

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