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Why work with us?

Make a genuine impact

Micfo is in a rapid growth phase and each team member makes a meaningful contribution to building our foundation.


Work in a great location

Charleston is America's best city. Known for its great food, vibrant culture, warm climate and rich history. It is a great destination to work and play.


Explore your talents

You have an opportunity to try your hand at a variety of different projects and diversify your skill set.  


Community Involvement

Micfo believes in giving back to the community. Our employees donate their time through company volunteer days.



From retirement savings to other allowances for utilities, gas, parking and medical. Micfo has a variety of additional benefits to support our employees.


Education Assistance

Employees have the opportunity to participate in Micfo's Education Assistance Program and receive reimbursement for costs associated with continued education.


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Big tech, small business.

We started out as a small business. As a growing company, we’re committed to retaining that exciting, “start-up” feel where everyone is empowered to cause change, gain responsibility quickly and work in a high-energy, flexible environment. Our leadership is on the ground floor, working alongside their team every day. We’re a bunch of friendly people. 


Our biggest asset? People.

We’re a people-first company. As such, we want to help each and every employee grow in their career, be happy doing what they do and develop as a skilled professional. With constant opportunities for training, development and increased responsibility, becoming a part of the Micfo team means growth for you. 

We’re a little picky.

Because we’re so passionate about our people, we may come across as a bit picky in who we hire. We’re looking for individuals with passion to learn, help customers and bring their passion to work. We know the only way to grow a healthy and supportive team is to bring on people who have a selfless passion for others—their company, colleagues and clients. That’s how we’ve managed to keep climbing higher, and we have no plan to stop now!

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Micfo Teams

Micfo's tech support representatives love technology. Our support team is expected to grow and advance within our company. Micfo has customers in over 90 countries that can reach us anytime, 24x7x365. Our services are provided on global networks, and we provide mobile and desktop applications. Our support team interacts with our Engineering and IT teams to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our customers.

A shared love of technology fuels our engineering team. They are a team of passionate developers, network administrators and engineers who are continuously looking to optimize our network and add new features. A day at Micfo is never boring with exciting new projects always on the horizon.

With our customer first approach, these individuals are hands-on with our customers. They support our pre-sale and post-sale efforts and strive to always keep our customers happy. We work with customers around the world which is a great opportunity to broaden your international business skills. This team works every day to tackle any customer challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm and dedication. Going above and beyond is their motto.

From HR to Project Management, these individuals are instrumental in keeping the internal operations focused on driving short and long term business goals. This team ensures the organization operates seamlessly. They help champion our cause and ensure we continue to move forward.

Our sales teams are fearless leaders and passionate customer advocates. They are driven and enjoy being part of a growth organization. Skilled in customer acquisition, they continuously seek new opportunities and help drive the growth at Micfo.

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Current Openings