Where Parallel Successes Do Intersect

Micfo’s Channel Partnerships program is designed to support our partners' business by providing customized networking and computing platforms they need to grow their customer relationships and succeed.

By combining key strengths through our channel relationships, we are uniquely positioned to address a segment of the market that traditional IaaS providers can not support. With 55 datacenter facilities, the diversity of our locations and the scalability of our platform allow for unique and meaningful partnerships. Resellers, managed service providers, IT consultants, system integrators, SaaS providers and distributors can benefit from a provider who thinks and acts differently. 

Micfo will provide solutions, incentives and superior customer support you need to rapidly grow a profitable and sustainable business. By utilizing Micfo’s IaaS platform which is purpose-built for low-latency and edge computing applications, we will help you differentiate your business and improve your competitive advantages.

Become a Micfo Channel Partner now!

If you’re looking to partner with Micfo to meet your customers needs, email sales@micfo.com or call us at (800) 900-7744.