Our cloud servers give you the power you need, when you need it, in a safe and secure space. Cloud hosting is a perfect solution for those with scaling cloud computing requirements. With dynamic and on-demand resource allocation, your cloud infrastructure will empower your growing needs.
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Fully-Managed Cloud Servers

Our cloud servers are fully-managed and supported by a team of passionate and highly-skilled engineers, who are on stand-by 24x7 to respond to your inquiries, install updates, security patches, and maintain optimal performance.


Active Monitoring

We don’t believe in additional fees for monitoring. Monitoring is too essential to be gated by excess charges. Our around-the-clock team monitors your cloud servers so that opportunities are always observed, new challenges met, and disruptions neutralized.

Responsive and Scalable

We know your cloud server requirements aren’t static, and they can’t always be predicted. Micfo’s high-performance network is designed to be agile and dynamic, with load balancing and scalable hardware ready to accommodate traffic spikes. If your cloud servers needs more, it receives more.


Update and Grow

Our cloud servers are perfect for goal-driven businesses that want to ensure capacity is synchronized to growth and opportunity. Micfo cloud servers can be easily upgraded and customized – whatever your need, we’ll have a solution. We believe growth should be pursued freely, without obstacle or impediment.

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Need a Custom Solution?


Whether you require a single server or your needs are complex, reach out to us for a custom quote.

Hosting FAQ


Have some questions? Check out frequently asked questions to find some answers.

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Included Features

Free 24/7 Support & System Admin

We want to put service back in our industry and we are here to help without the extra charges that come with other providers.

Fully Managed

We handle your server’s daily system administration and security monitoring so you can focus on your business.

Weekly Backup

We take your data protection very seriously. Your entire server is backed up on a weekly basis.  Should an event occur, we have you covered.

Secure Enviroment

We employ the latest security and safety technology, including redundancies at every potential point of failure, backed with multi-homed connections.

Dedicated Uplink Ports

We can facilitate your bandwidth needs from 1Gbps to 10Gbps ports across all of our datacenter locations.

Global Locations

With 45 datacenter locations around the globe, we have solutions where you need them.

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Test our server speed

We won't just tell you how fast we are. We'd love to show you.