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Why We Give Back

Support Our Tech Community

Throughout our journey, communities have been an integral part of our growth.  By supporting each other, we enrich the local businesses and bring more awareness to the opportunites within Charleston.

Stimulate Our Economy

Micfo uses a variety of local businesses to support its operations.  We want to maintain a healthy and vibrant community that will continue to attract investment and talent to the area.

Strengthen Our Future

Companies play a pivotal role in the markets they serve and we believe the actions we take today should enable a promising future.

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Our Team in Action

We love any chance to get involved in our local Charleston community. Check out our team volunteering and learning more about our historic city!
Company Volunteer Day - Trash Pickup

We spent an afternoon cleaning up Charleston's historic French Quarter near our office.

Charleston Volunteering

David and OT taking in the sweet smell of success after our afternoon cleaning the city.

Community Involvement Happy Hour

We enjoyed some quality time at happy hour after an afternoon scavenger hunt around downtown Charleston to learn more about our city's history.

Team Scavenger Hunt

Not sure what's going on here at Waterfront Park. Can you guess which team won Most Creative Pictures during our scavenger hunt?

"Getting the chance to give back is one of my favorite parts about working here." 

There are a lot of things I love about working at Micfo, but getting the chance to give back is one of my favorite parts. Our leadership team is open to any great idea for how we can get involved. If there is a cause I am passionate about, Micfo is there to support me.
-Nancy Connolly, Director of Marketing

How can we work with Micfo to help support our organization?

Simply reach out and let us know how we can be of service! Whether it's volunteer man power, sponsorship, or helping local start-ups, we'd love to get involved. Contact us here if we can help.

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Community Giving

We take care of Charleston in the way we know best: technology and time. In addition to regular volunteer days, monitary donations, we provide technological services to local start-up organizations. If you believe Micfo can be of any service to your organization, school or nonprofit, please contact us.