Internet of Things (IoT) simply cannot rely on legacy infrastructures built for web traffic. Proximity to users and low-latency networks are a paradigm shift for the industry. Micfo has been on the forefront of creating an edge network which is layered on one of the largest geographically decentralized datacenter networks.  We have made significant investments to meet the rising demands of the IoT industry.

Physics prevails and closer is simply faster. The longer data needs to travel, the higher the latency – and with increased latency, the essential IoT experience degrades. Our vast network is built to optimize the IoT experience by storing data closer to the end user.

Emerging technologies such as IoT depend on a forward thinking IaaS provider who is as equally passionate about customer experience as you are. Micfo’s ambitious Edge Network is made up of 55 locations, spread across five continents giving you more options to scale while reducing your risk. We’re able to offer customizable solutions that large providers cannot. Let us help you optimize your network to continue to build and expand the IoT future.