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Putting the "S" back in IaaS

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Because of our uniquely expansive network, genuine passion for our clients’ success, and diverse in-house skillset, we are uniquely positioned to create custom cloud and network solutions for our clients’ applications and services.

We’re not just a background service. For clients, we aim to be an active asset – a reliable, turn-key component of their application or service development. We react to our clients’ needs, providing customized solutions and network optimizations. We know our clients have a choice – and we strive to be the right choice.

Big provider consolidation has led to packaged services that overlook individual needs. But we know each of our clients are unique, with unique requirements. To empower our clients, we create intimate relationships. You won’t find us hiding behind subscription pages and chat bots – we’re here to help, listen, and optimize.

We take time to discuss your requirements, service level needs, and locations. We like to be close to our clients, in every possible way. Our clients are on a journey – and so are we.
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Need a Custom Solution?


Whether you require a single server or your needs are complex, reach out to us for a custom quote.

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What you get with us:

Global Locations
We continously invest in new locations throughout the world to ensure we have solutions where you need them.  
Free 24/7 Support
Unlike other providers, we don’t believe in extra service fees. Our service comes with unconditional support and active monitoring.
Performance Edge Network

The geohybrid infrastructure by design is closer to the edge, improving performance and latency.  Closer is simply better.  

Customizable Solutions
To be competitive, be different. Micfo offers the difference other providers cannot – with customizable solutions to fit your needs.
Reliable Performance
With a multihomed network across all of our locations, we ensure you have the fastest and most reliable network for your applications.
99.95% Uptime
You don’t need to worry about your servers going down. We have state-of-the-art redundancy to ensure that doesn’t happen.
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Test our server speed

We won't just tell you how fast we are. We'd love to show you.