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Where Networked Customers Celebrate Their Independence

By definition, a dedicated server is a physical server that is accessed by one customer. But at Micfo, we practically convert the bare metal's dedication into human dedication.

Micfo's dedicated servers are high quality and powerful machines that stand by to meet the most demanding requirements for performance, speed, reliability and security. Unlike a VPS which is shared by several customers, the dedicated server is used exclusively by only one customer enabling consistent high performance at all times. The user of a dedicated server can utilize its full CPU, RAM resources and storage, and receive a dedicated IP IPv4 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are available based on justifiable use.

Micfo Dedicated Servers are not about the bare metal, but about the grand total!

Micfo's dedicated servers are complemented by our highly professional and experienced services. Our support team will help you configure, deploy, monitor, manage and troubleshoot every aspect of your hosting infrastructure, so you can focus on your core business and objectives. We work closely with each one of our customers, reducing the load of their IT teams. We make sure that all the software and applications work smoothly and leave nothing to chance or risk.

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