Our Technological Commitment. Your Increased Profits.

The essence of eCommerce is based on the continuous showcase of your products and services and the reliability of the secure payments transactions. Or in simpler words – uninterrupted online access to your products and services, and the ability to enable secure online payments. 

There are several critical factors that shape the success of an ecommerce website. The first is accessibility. When it comes to ecommerce, 100 percent uptime should be the standard, not the target. The second factor is redundancy which enables low network latency. The speed of the ecommerce website and applications has direct impact on its success and profits.

Network security is another vital element, in terms of both secure payments and compliance. This can then be achieved by using the provider’s network to access the data between the web server and the database. Private networks offer a secured direct line of communication that is free of network discovery or unauthorized access.

Compromising on technology and infrastructure is like compromising on profits!

Another important feature of the network that operates the ecommerce site is agility and scalability. The website's ability to match changing workloads is imperative. The infrastructure must provide the merchant the flexibility to keep the site operational at all times, regardless of the fluctuating traffic. Utilizing both public and private clouds it's the best option to match even the most daunting workloads.

Only a reliable and powerful infrastructure supported by continuous optimization and disaster recovery measures can guarantee the smooth and successful operation of the ecommerce website.

Today's eCommerce involves new technologies and capabilities: video presentations, social media, e-mail, mobile communication, page download speed, databases and back-office applications, effective shopping carts and more. The reliable operation of all these elements requires an advanced infrastructure and huge networking resources.

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