The Privilege to Network Educational Achievements 

Technology has been affecting teaching and learning for many years. But over the past 2 decades this change has boosted to a totally new pace. Education institutions including schools, colleges and universities need to adopt new and innovative applications and teaching devices in order to keep up with the fast changes. As a result, the underlying infrastructure supporting classroom technology has become increasingly critical.

Today’s education industry is investing huge efforts to keep up with the explosive development of information technologies and mobile devices. The effective utilization of these technologies and devices is essential in maximizing performance and extending your reach for higher educational achievements.

The most critical component of this development process is the IT Infrastructure, though it’s also the most expensive. Leaders of the education industry already know that the best way to plan and implement IT Infrastructure is by partnering with a reliable and experienced third party hosting company. A company like Micfo.

Micfo helps educational institutions and organizations improve their students’ learning experience by providing unprecedented IT infrastructure and networking solutions. Micfo plays a critical role in enabling you to rapidly scale high-performance IT infrastructure, accommodate rapid change, and optimize learning environments.

Reduce Network Complexity and Operational Expenses

We provide network security and communication solutions that connect students in both K-12 and higher education institutions. Our network infrastructure solutions offer scalable, reliable and secure network connectivity with the fastest access to information. Micfo’s solutions allow students to improve learning opportunities by supporting high-bandwidth applications such as online learning and video teleconferencing. We do that while reducing network complexity and associated operational expenses. 

But it's not only about students. Researchers and academic scientists need faster access to computing resources to synthesize data, collaborate with colleagues and store vast amounts of data. The institutions they work in need affordable ways to support their achievements, publish data and create new growth and development channels. That’s when they turn to Micfo.

Partner with Micfo and we will help you achieve the long term goals of your education programs. Let’s collaborate to make your students proud of their educational institution.

Micfo’s Infrastructure and tailored services will:

  • Improve Education Quality, Oversight and Accountability
  • Engage More Students with Greater Diversity
  • Increase Return on Investment and Maximize Assets Utilization Efficiency
  • Improve Standards, Performance and Practices in Managing Education Technology

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