A More Personal Service Provider

As businesses evolve so do their infrastructure needs.  Many are faced with the dreaded cloud "lock in" and making sub optimal compromises to their network.  Others are looking for new datacenter locations to mitigate their risk with larger cloud providers or to possibly consolidate vendors.  Many are simply looking for a service provider they can actually talk to about their needs.  Micfo has successfully filled this void since 1999.  We have a genuine passion for our clients' success, and have built one of the most geographically dispersed networks in the world.  With more locations and flexibility than any other IaaS provider, enterprises no longer need to compromise. We believe freedom is an immutable right, even for businesses, and, with Micfo, there’s always a choice. 
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How Micfo Can Help Your Enterprise

Unrivaled Commitment

Our goal is to have a positive and genuine impact on your business. We do this by taking the time to discuss your requirements, service level needs, and data center location preferences. Let’s build a relationship backed by reliable service for custom solutions. Our passion for unwavering security, reliability, and support makes us an active asset – a reliable, turn-key component working proactively with you. Experience truly personal infrastructure solutions with Micfo.


Fully Managed Hosting

Our cloud servers are fully-managed and supported by a team of passionate and highly-skilled engineers, who are on standby 24x7 to respond to your inquiries, install updates, security patches, and maintain optimal performance. We handle your infrastructure so you can focus on building your business. 

Global Network

Unlike other IaaS providers, we do not rely on a few large data centers. Instead, we have one of the most geographically diverse data center footprints in the world – with 55 locations and growing across five continents. Micfo provides a low-latency, highly-scalable platform that ensures your content travels a shorter distance by living closer to the end-user. You can spend less time managing numerous vendors to meet your location needs with our global edge network. 


Limitless Scalability

We don’t believe in constraints, and we don’t think our customers should either. We offer enterprise clients on-demand solutions that can scale with their growth and are adaptable to temporary or permanent traffic spikes they may experience.

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Need a Custom Solution?


If your needs are more complex than most, reach out to us for a custom quote.

Request a Demo


Receive a free demo of our system. We’ll get you set up on your free test server within 24 hours.

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Global Platform

With 55 datacenter locations across 5 continents, we have solutions where you need them.
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Test our server speed

We won't just tell you how fast we are. We'd love to show you.