Knowledgebase & FAQ


What is the background of micfo?

Established in 2002, micfo is an international and certified web hosting comapny, serving 50,000 website owners across all market segments from small business, to government sectors.

Where are your offices located.

Our headquarters is located in Atlanta. Our New York office is located in Soho district of lower Manhattan, with strategic offices in Dubai and London. 

What's micfo's toll-free number?

You can reach us through our non-stop toll-free number at 800-900-7744.

I live outside of the US, and cannot contact you via toll-free number. Is there a direct phone number?

Yes. Some phone service providers do not allow you to call a US toll free number. Please contact us any time at 917-932-2022

What are micfo's working hours?

Our sales and billing departments are operational Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern time. Our technical department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where are your servers located?

micfo has built a safe, reliable and dependable environment across United States. Multiple datacenters strategically located and directly connected to the Internet backbone, across 6 major cities in the United States: New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Seattle.

What are the hardware specifications of the servers hosting my site?

All of our servers are built to the highest standards. Shared and Reseller Hosting accounts are hosted on best-in-class Dell servers: E5645 Dual Hex Core Xeon processors, 24 GB DDR RAM, 2 x 1 TB Hard Drive RAID 10, running on LiteSpeed web server.

Are your drives configured with RAID (what level)?

Here at micfo, we understand the importance of uptime. To ensure that no downtime is experienced in an unlikely event of a hard drive failure, all of our servers are setup on RAID 10 configuration. This system links together a number of hard drives to form a single large capacity storage device that offers superior performance and reliability. This redundancy provides a backup of the data in the event of a failure. If one of the drives fails it can be swapped out for a new drive without turning the systems off (referred to as hot swappable).

What's the connectivity of your network?

micfo runs a smart-routing network through Level 3, Telx, NTT, XO, Altrano at two different peering exchanges, with LINX in London and and Telx with their Internet Exchange in Atlanta with 500+ peering providers and over 250Gbps transit/peering capacity.