Sealing the Credibility of the Financial Industry

Putting behind the past sluggish pace of the global economic recovery, today's financial markets show genuine signs of growth. This trend is particularly prevalent in the financial services industry, including business lending, life insurance and assets management sectors.

The financial market is the second largest sector in terms of networking, articulating the importance of confident and reliable infrastructure. Performance, security and compliance are the most critical issues the Financial Industry has to cope with. Today's threats are more sophisticated, targeted, and financially motivated than ever. As the number of threats and regulations are multiplying exponentially, financial companies need to adequately protect themselves to avoid the risks of network damage and regulatory violations.

Financial and investment firms continue to spend enormous amounts of money to reach ultra-low latency in trading services, reducing application response times. At the same time, the huge evident focus on security puts great pressure on management teams that need to keep pace with threats and cyber attacks.

Secure, Scalable and Highly Reliable Infrastructure

In this competitive industry, if the financial organization doesn't keep up with current trends toward improved networking, it will lose ground to the competition. Since many applications are now hosted in a hybrid or private cloud, a key challenge for engineers is to ensure adequate bandwidth, performance, and security. A secure, stable, high-performance network with perfect uptime, providing seamless access to customer services and transactions – that is the major goal of any financial institution.

Micfo has gained extensive experience in working with financial companies, including retail banks, insurance companies, investment firms, credit unions and real estate. Our infrastructure (IaaS platform) has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure hosting environments, providing an extremely scalable and highly reliable platform.

When hosting your financial assets with Micfo you can rest assured that your revenue, credibility, and reputation are in good hands. Our compliant hosting, managed services and mission critical applications help ensure that your infrastructure and sensitive information are always available and secured in the most comprehensive and cost-effective way.

Thousands of satisfied customers rely on Micfo to host their financial businesses in strict accordance with the regulatory expectations of the industry. Join them now!


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