Franchise Hosting

Frachise Hosting

Micfo is proud to introduce its new specialized Franchise-Hosting department, which has been established to serve the unique needs of the franchise industry.

Today there are over 900,000 franchise businesses in the US, across 300 industries and markets! To enable reliable and efficient communication between franchisors and their franchisees, smooth continuous operations and 24/7/365 online presence, it is imperative to work with a cloud hosting market leader like Micfo.

At Micfo we know exactly what franchisors need and expect. We know perfectly well that franchisors must provide their franchisees with world class hosting services, while operating within the budget of their National Marketing Fund. That’s exactly why we have established our new Franchise-Hosting department, staffed with a specialized team of experts who specialize in the franchise industry.

The online presence of each and every franchisee is essential to its operational and commercial existence. In our modern era, when consumers are constantly online through a vast range of communication devices, websites together with their associated social media resources are the most effective marketing tools a franchisee can use for generating leads, building reputation and driving audiences to action.

If you are one of the many successful franchisors trying to expand its business, or a franchisee looking to compete in a crowded and busy market, Micfo is your best option for managing your online hosting needs. Our professional unsurpassed hosting services will guarantee that everything runs smoothly at peak performance. You’ll get full operational security and flexibility, with optimized hardware scalability and best of all – at highly affordable and cost effective prices.

Call Micfo now with any questions you may have and let’s get started!