Micfo’s - The Game You Can Never Lose

As one of the fastest growing industries, the success of gaming platforms depends not only on the game’s theme, but also on the infrastructure and network’s performance. After all, gamers can enjoy a mediocre game on a high performance network, but they’ll never play a great game on a crippled platform or network.

Yes, games are all about fun, mobility and entertainment. But for Micfo, delivering Online Games is a totally serious topic. With Micfo’s advanced IaaS infrastructure you can rest assured that your targets will experience great excitement with no interruptions or network congestion.

When creating a new game and introducing it to the gaming community, the developer is typically focused on offering entertaining content and original graphics or styles. This is definitely the most interesting and exciting aspect of the industry, to both the developers and fans. But not less important (if not more important) is the infrastructure that manages and controls the whole experience.

Focus On Imagination and Let Micfo Focus On Networking

It all starts with network latency, because real-time games rely on latency. Bad performance is always related with latency issues, making frustrated players click away. To prevent lag and ensure optimized performance you need the fastest possible hardware and infrastructure, like SSD hard drives and a great blend of ISPs.

The next element to take in consideration is availability. If a game can't be accessed, the latency doesn't even matter. Gaming platforms need to have a powerful infrastructure, including redundancies to ensure that there is no single point of failure. The redundancy reduced the chances that an outage will take the game away from the players

Another important element for gaming platforms is scalability. A successful game can attract many players and your infrastructure will have to be able to handle the increasing surge. The best way to ensure scalability is by using the cloud, in addition to a colocation or dedicated solution.

Host your servers on Micfo’s Gaming Network, designed for low latency and high reliability. All Micfo’s standard dedicated servers include Gbps optical connections and an international network with BGP peering for low latency. Micfo will also provide you with up to 16 IP aliases to help you deliver diverse gaming experiences.

Micfo will provision your servers, configure your network, and provide free IP aliases to help you prepare your gaming platforms for the rigors of intense gamer competition.

Contact Micfo and let us know help you design or expand your existing online gaming infrastructure!