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Networking Your Responsibility to Public Services

Government agencies need to leverage online and mobile communication as a means to improve citizen-centric services and introduce new ways of interaction. They are expected to communicate with constituents easier, faster and at lower prices.

For Government agencies and contractors, IT Infrastructure reflects the complex balance between agility, quality, compliance, security, and optimal value for money. Without maintaining the right balance, agencies may have to face overspending, oversight, delays, performance shortfalls and eventually, infrastructure replacement after major investments.

Today governmental IT departments are required to regularly modernize core elements of their infrastructures, explore new communication opportunities and utilize the benefits of emerging technologies. Managing these tasks while balancing limited resources is extremely challenging because you must demonstrate value.

Furthermore, since government networks are hosting and communicating highly sensitive data which affects security, public safety and citizen privacy, they must be well secured. This sensitive information must be strictly protected from intrusion and corruption, making sure it can’t be accessed by unauthorized sources.

Maximizing network performance, datacenter consolidation, cloud computing, and security are the utmost goals of any government agency.

Micfo – The Managed Hosting Infrastructure Service Provider of Choice for the Public Service

As a Government agency, institution or contractor, your best solution is to partner with a professional hosting service. This essential cost-effective partnership will enable you to focus on core management and public service tasks and divert non-core activities to a trusted partner that specializes in Infrastructure management and resources.

Specializing in providing tailored hosting services to government agencies around the world, Micfo will maximize your network performance and security while reducing your costs. Working with local, state and regional governments, Micfo tailors its networking solutions to the agency's objectives, building modern networks within budget constraints.

Economic conditions have changed the operating landscape for government organizations. Today, networking technology constitutes a great opportunity to offer better and faster public services with lower taxpayer investments. A modern, converged network can form a highly flexible infrastructure capable of delivering many emerging applications and scale to increasing demands.


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