Industry Hosting Solutions

Hosting the Information Technology Pillars of Our Country’s Business Infrastructure

The economic globalization poses strong competition and tough challenges to enterprises, organizations and businesses. To guarantee growth and expansion, they must respond to these challenges by stabilizing their business development, focusing on a concise and solid IT strategy. Only by relying on powerful unified networks that can handle applications and IT infrastructures, industrial players will be able to provide high-availability applications and services.

Optimizing end-to-end networks will enable companies to launch new services, provide better services and maximize manufacture processes. Enterprise networks are the basis of IT design and platform architecture. Industrial networks affect enterprise ERP, the supply chain, voice and video communication, and many other services.

Business customers need the most powerful IT infrastructure and hosting solutions on the market. Regardless of their specific industry sector or specialization, business customers require extensive proficiency and the highest competence in managing their IT platforms and communication.

As an business you want to manage your information on a world-class infrastructure that can guarantee agility, high availability, regulatory compliance and uncompromised security. You want your IaaS hosting provider to use the latest technologies, embrace mobility, reliability, scalability and processing integrity. And of course, you’re looking for a specialized and experienced team of highly skilled professionals to make it happen.

As a Business Enterprise You’re Looking for a Hosting Partner like Micfo!

Choosing a hosting partner to manage and protect your critical data in the mobile ecosystem is a major decision that can make the difference between smooth network operations and huge ongoing frustration.

Micfo is your great choice for reaching the peace of mind you’re looking for. Micfo has infrastructure & hosting partnerships with enterprises, ISP's, ISV's, Carriers & Systems Integrators. We’re utilizing the best scalable infrastructure (IaaS) platforms, with superior operating performance and cost effective prices. Providing the latest infrastructure and networking technologies to a wide range of global businesses is a privilege that involves huge responsibility and great pride. We possess them both!

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