Managed IT

Leveraging IaaS to Align IT with Your Business Performance

About 10 years ago large enterprises were focused on consolidating their infrastructure through server virtualization. For many of these organizations, moving some or their entire infrastructure to the cloud is the next logical step. Today more and more organizations are using IaaS solutions to place mission critical workloads in the cloud.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a model where service providers like Micfo offer scalable IT infrastructure resources. These platforms comprise of servers, storage, IP resources, network components and support.

There are many factors that are driving the adoption of Micfo’s IaaS solutions:

  • Fast, reliable & redundant performance
  • OpEx model versus CapEx
  • Dynamic scaling of infrastructure
  • Minimal upfront investment, no direct maintenance costs, and pay as you go services
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Shift the Focus of Your IT Department Towards Innovation

By removing the responsibility for maintaining, supporting, and troubleshooting their infrastructure, Micfo’s customers can now make the best of their IT power. Using Micfo’s IaaS services, your organization can focus on innovation and business growth, knowing that flexible infrastructure can respond to any level of increasing operational demands, without affecting costs.

Micfo is among the few companies that are capable to offer IaaS services, providing a more robust IaaS solution than most of the other hosting companies. At Micfo we are proud of our ability to be at the forefront of this fast developing industry, offering our customers world class data centers, powerful servers, and outstanding facilities.

Challenging the Limits of Your IT Platform

Whatever the size and performance of your present IT platform, you can now extend it without investing in new equipment or professional HR assets! Micfo’s IaaS platform enables you to expand your infrastructure by using a ‘hybrid cloud’ model. The flexible and scalable hybrid cloud will provide you with the complementary resources needed for your organization’s growth and development. No limits, no networking congestion and no resources shortage.

There are many optional infrastructure as a service (IaaS) setups, from complete computing as a service to partial infrastructure as a service, such as storage, servers, web hosting and disaster recovery (DR). The amount of infrastructure an organization chooses to move to the cloud depends on many factors, including its line of business, its trained staff availability, its expertise in IT and budget constraints.

In addition, there are also different ways of implementing IaaS, like IaaS in a private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud. The choice will usually come down to balancing cost with security needs. Additional benefits include flexibility, scalability, greater security, almost 100 percent uptime and the opportunity for enterprises to shift the IT focus to their core mission or business instead of focusing their resources on IT infrastructure.

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