Marketing & CRM

Successful Marketing In the Relationship Era

The digital era we live in is frequently labeled as the 'relationship era'. An era in which companies are able to communicate with highly targeted customers in real time, measure response rates and use the information to build long term relationships. An era in which personalization is key. Together with the prevalence of the social media and mobile technology, this interactive process offers enormous advantages and growth opportunities.

The CRM system is an essential powerful tool in your marketing armoury. By identifying, accumulating and recording customers' behavioral patterns, an effective CRM system enables a company to plan ahead and predict future trends, demands and needs.

Utilizing the CRM power, a company can build customer segments based on preferences and budgets, creating targeted campaigns. The campaigns will match specific products and services with the right customers, boosting conversion rates. A well managed CRM system over a powerful and reliable network will maximize both revenue and customer satisfaction. The more a company knows and understands its customers, the easier it will be to satisfy their needs. And let's keep in mind that satisfied customers make the best sales people.

Today, setting up a cloud-based CRM system is not only the right thing to do but the only best thing to do. Cloud-based CRM systems can be accessed easily by mobile sales people, are cheaper as they don't require a large upfront investment, and are simple to upscale.

Along with the many communication advantages and marketing benefits comes the need to utilize a most powerful, reliable and cost effective hosting platform. Marketing in the relationship era will not allow Network Operators to compromise on performance, speed and customers' experience. To build more targeted audiences, optimize interactivity and personalize branding across multiple channels, marketers need to partner with a real hosting leader and utilize the most powerful infrastructures.

That's exactly what Micfo offers!

Micfo’s marketing infrastructure solutions help Network Operators deliver engaging and differentiated customer experiences that convert opportunities into profit. Just imagine the many direct benefits of a personalized communication platform:

  • Plan & Create Content
  • Build Markets and Interest
  • Develop your Distribution Ecosystem
  • Enable & Close Transactions
  • Analyze and Improve

With abilities comes performance. Micfo’s powerful infrastructure is no longer about technological challenges but about your market predominance and positioning.


Call Micfo now and maximize your marketing potential!