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Did you hear? With 55 datacenter locations across the globe and the ability to create custom hosting solutions, we’re ready to scale when you are.

Micfo was built on the foundation of five core values. In this issue we focus on one of the pillars of Micfo: Individual Journeys


Everyone and everything has a journey that unfolds over time. The journey itself is not prescribed, the destination only somewhat seen or understood, hidden often by obstacles and preyed on by uncertainties. Yet the journey inspires and energizes effort and hope, vigor and drive. It is the journey not the destination that enthralls and delights us requiring our imagination and passion, belief and vision. We leave our footprints as a result of our journeys, and those footprints impact the journeys of others who travel behind us. Each of us undertakes an individual journey yet each of us follows, in some way, the journey of others, bringing uniqueness to our own journey yet guided by paths trodden lightly or substantially, long in the past or as recently as yesterday. Everyone and everything impacts in some way everyone and everything else.

This is family; this is who we are; this is Micfo.

- Amir Golestan, CEO

Let Us Help You Make an Impact

Micfo is the only provider delivering customer-centric cloud services on one of the most advanced and purposely-built private cloud platforms that encompasses 55 geographically dispersed datacenters. Our enterprise-grade cloud provides highly-scalable and customizable solutions that address the needs of the most complex applications and demanding businesses requiring ultra-fast, low-latency and highly secure solutions.



Our network spans across 5 continents and we serve customers in over 90 countries. We have a cloud platform where you need it.


We work with you to create custom solutions that fit your business’ needs. We offer virtual solutions that are ready to scale when you are.


We have an unwavering commitment to providing quality service, data compliance, and security you can count on.

 Meet our Account Executives 
Our Account Executives are here to support our clients.
Please feel free to reach out to them for assistance at any time.

Molly Copple

Justine Boston


Quarterly Recap

We celebrated a record quarter in our newly renovated space. Cheers to continued growth and quality time with our team!

Datacenter Locations
We have datacenters across the globe in 55+ locations.
Let us help you grow and scale your infrastructure today.
Our renovation continues on the second floor of our historic office building in downtown Charleston. We are planning on moving in this month and can’t wait to start sitting in our collaborative workspace.

New Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with OnApp. OnApp powers cloud and CDN services for MSPs, telcos and large hosting providers. They are based out of London, UK. Micfo’s infrastructure will be supporting OnApp’s new product launch: On Demand.

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