Big tech, small business.

We started out as a small business. As a growing company, we’re committed to retaining that exciting, “start-up” feel where everyone is empowered to cause change, gain responsibility quickly and work in a high-energy, flexible environment. Our leadership is on the ground floor, working alongside their team every day. We’re a bunch of friendly people. 


Our biggest asset? People.

We’re a people-first company. As such, we want to help each and every employee grow in their career, be happy doing what they do and develop as a skilled professional. With constant opportunities for training, development and increased responsibility, becoming a part of the Micfo team means growth for you. 

We’re a little picky.

Because we’re so passionate about our people, we may come across as a bit picky in who we hire. We’re looking for individuals with passion to learn, help customers and bring their passion to work. We know the only way to grow a healthy and supportive team is to bring on people who have a selfless passion for others—their company, colleagues and clients. That’s how we’ve managed to keep climbing higher, and we have no plan to stop now!