For high hosting demands

Cloud Hosting is a great solution for businesses that experience rapid growth, traffic fluctuations, or operate complex applications.

Our cloud model differs from shared hosting and traditional VPS, where everything is limited to one physical server. The cloud comprises many servers, so that resources can be easily scaled up and down. And, since no one else in the cloud has access to your specific virtual server, it's totally safe and secure.

Operate big, pay small.

Rather than hosting on a pricey dedicated server, the cloud hosting solution allows you to use far more resources for a much lower price. You gain:

  • Full control over the software and applications that run on your server
  • Flexible scalability
  • Maximum power
  • Total security
  • Lower operational costs

Plus, you don’t have to depend on the reliability of a single dedicated server. With Cloud Hosting you have access to a control panel where you can reboot, stop, start or even reformat your virtual server.