The best of both worlds

Micfo's Hybrid Cloud Hosting Solutions enable you to take advantage of the cloud's versatility and choose the most secure, scalable and easy-to-use cloud platforms. In fact, our hosting enables you to choose everything - the infrastructure, your specific resources and the level of support you need.

The Transition to Hybrid Cloud

Although IaaS isn’t a simple homogeneous offering, the boundaries between its versatile types are well-drawn. The first type is the Private Cloud, which as its name implies it's a dedicated, private infrastructure. It's your own organization's data center, structured as a Private Cloud IaaS. It comprises the usual elements - virtualization, storage, extreme redundancy, etc.

The other type is the Public Cloud, which is a fully hosted solution. Your organization or business owns no hardware at all. Now, if the two cloud types are combined, the result is a Hybrid Cloud. A Hybrid Cloud can be any percentage mixture of Private and Public infrastructures. In most cases companies evolve into this type of cloud from a traditional, private hardware infrastructure.

A Hybrid Cloud is the solution of choice for organizations that have grown at a faster pace than their own data centers and IT resources. The hybrid Cloud enables to mix the company's Private Cloud with a reliable vendor's Public Cloud, creating a solid and complete solution. The Hybrid Cloud mixes the security and control of a traditional data center with hosted cloud infrastructure. Usually, companies will tend to transition their disaster recovery services to the Public Cloud while retaining production operations in-house in a Private Cloud.

Providing cost-effective Hybrid Cloud solutions

Micfo's cloud hosting solutions open new opportunities for businesses looking to migrate resource-intensive software, high-traffic websites, or complex applications to the cloud. Our infrastructure will provide you with unmatched reliability and performance. With broadly tested architecture, optimized software tools, and the latest security solutions, Micfo's solution is definitely a smart choice to look into.

Whether colocation or hybrid cloud, Micfo's servers can be used as your entire server hosting solution, or as part of a hybrid colocation platform. Hybrid cloud implementation may be a good bet because by relying on both, the public cloud and on in-house infrastructure, you gain the scalability and convenience of public-cloud-based services while still retaining control of certain portions of your IT infrastructure.