Channel Partnerships

Where Parallel Successes Do Intersect

Micfo’s Channel Partnerships are designed to support our partners’ businesses by supplying the customized networking platforms they need to grow their customer relationships and succeed.

By combining key strengths through our channel relationships, we can better cope with the challenging market and address new opportunities. Resellers, managed services providers, IT consultants, system integrators, SaaS software vendors and distributors can now all benefit from our valuable program.

Micfo will provide you with the solutions, incentives and customer support you need to rapidly grow a profitable and sustainable business. Utilizing Micfo’s IaaS platform and high-end dedicated & hybrid cloud hosting solutions, we will help you differentiate your business and improve your competitive advantages.

Become a Micfo Channel Partner now! If you’re looking for the most advanced networking solutions and architectures to meet your customers’ needs, this is the best time to give Micfo a call at (800) 900-7744.