Micfo Performance Hubs

The Architecture that Channels Networking Excellence

Micfo’s Performance Hubs are one of the most authentic reflections of our advanced IaaS services. The cloud based infrastructure is distributed through multiple data centers, utilizing integrated communications networks and international peering arrangements. This is how we maximize availability, accelerate performance, reduce latency and enable better cost management. After all, these are exactly the advantages our valuable clients are looking for when working with Micfo!

For many of our clients, Micfo’s advanced architecture can make the difference between smooth networking performance and congested, ineffective operations. To help you capitalize on the speed and agility of cloud, our architecture offers a smart choice of open IaaS based on flexibility, scalability, robust control, security and global reach.

The Importance of Reliable Performance Hubs

Optimizing the utilization of latency-sensitive and business-critical applications is imperative for user performance and productivity. After all, the ultimate task of any organization is to accelerate applications’ delivery and improve network performance. In this respect Micfo’s Performance Hub is your best option!

The Performance Hub is an extension node of your existing network. By possessing resources in Micfo’s data centers, you can connect directly to network and cloud providers for reduced latency and improved, stable performance. The advantages are evident:

  • Get Hybrid: cloud access simplifies deployment, provides full security and direct connectivity to public clouds, laying the foundation for a hybrid cloud
  • Network Efficiency: unprecedented network simplicity and efficiency with access to the cloud
  • Quality of Experience (QoE): Maximized QoE through higher and faster connectivity, low latency and closer location to users
  • Improved manageability: unparalleled speed, agility, security and visibility, which are vital to network monitoring
  • Tailored Architecture Design: Micfo will help you design the Performance Hub Solution that fits your needs and requires

Utilizing our professional support and consulting services you’ll be able to design an exclusive architecture, deploying the right infrastructure for your specific business needs. Our non-stop guidance and insight will ensure full optimization of your network and application performance.

Micfo’s Performance Hubs provide outstanding evident benefits:

  • Purpose-built for Discriminating High-Volume Customers
  • Tuned for Peak Performance
  • Optimized for availability, reliability and low latency
  • Optical IP Transport and International Peering
  • Multiple Broadband Tier-1 Carriers
  • Multiple Data Centers for Diversity & Redundancy